Leo S.Olschki on www.torrossa.it
Casalini Libri, in collaboration with the Publisher, is pleased to offer electronic access to the prestigious publications of Leo S. Olschki through the Torrossa full text platform.

Thematic e-book Collections
The main e-book collection, comprising over 1000 titles, represents all monographs and conference proceedings published since 2000. Ten smaller thematic collections covering a range of specialisms are also available.

Classical Studies - 14 titles
Theatre - 14 titles
Italian Literature prior to 1599 - 77 titles
Italian Literature from 1700 onwards - 126 titles
Musicology - 78 titles
Philosophy - 136 titles
History - 332 titles
Art, Architecture and Landscape Planning - 152 titles
Bibliography - 50 titles
International Cultures and Literatures - 31 titles

E-journal archives
Thanks to a new digitization project, from 2013 the publisher’s journal archives will be made available through Torrossa. The project will also cover the most historic issues published, offering the invaluable opportunity to reconstruct the full editorial history of the titles

Lares - 230 issues
Belfagor - 400 issues
Il pensiero politico - 131 issues
Inventari dei manoscritti delle biblioteche d’Italia - 116 issues

Economic Model
Permanent access to all collections acquired is guaranteed. Personalised collections based around specific requirements may be created, in agreement with the Publisher. Libraries are invited to notify us where there is an interest in acquiring the entire run of a monographic series; all suggestions will be evaluated with the Publisher.

MARC Records
MARC records will be supplied free of charge for all titles included in the collection to which the library subscribes.

Flexibility, Accessibility
Each Olschki collection may be accessed through the Torrossa platform (www.torrossa.it), which acts as a single access point for all Casalini full text collections acquired by the Library.

For further details regarding the Torrossa full text platform, including collection catalogues, pricing structures and a month's free trial access, please contact us at torrossa@casalini.it.