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EIO - Editoria Italiana Online

the full-text platform created by Casalini Libri

Since 1958, Casalini Libri has been the primary source for libraries seeking scholarly publications by a multitude of publishers based in Romance language countries. In keeping with this role and with the changing needs of libraries, Casalini Libri created and maintains its own full-text platform, Editoria Italiana Online (EIO), which offers libraries an ever-growing array of scholarly content options and a variety of commercial subscription solutions.

EIO comprises a representative collection of current, scholarly publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences by some of Italy’s most prominent academic publishers; the platform now hosts over 5200 scholarly ebooks and 360 journals in an easy-to-use, multi-lingual interface with sophisticated search options. Titles are, for the most part, Italian-language publications with some texts in other languages (English, French), and Spanish-language publications will be added soon.

Publishers and Disciplines

Over 60 publishers, including Bulzoni, Fabrizio Serra Editore, Franco Angeli, École Française de Rome, Angelo Longo Editore, Leo S. Olschki, Storia e Letteratura, Vita e Pensiero, already contribute their works to EIO. Making their debut in EIO in 2010 are the publishers EGEA, Laterza, and Città Nuova, to name just a few.
The scope of the contributing publishers ensures coverage in EIO of new or recently published books and journals in such disciplines as History, Philosophy, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Art, Architecture, Religion, Social Sciences, Economics and Sociology.

Content Growth and Collection Flexibility

Since its creation in 2004, the collection has grown at a steady rate of at least 500 new e-books and 20 new e-journals per year, and the growth rate foreseen for the coming years is even greater. With subscription year 2010, 1500 new e-books and 25 new e-journals are being added to the platform.
With this increase, Casalini libri can now offer greater flexibility of subscription options: libraries may select from a broad range of single- or multi-publisher interdisciplinary collections and subject-based subsets or create their own, personalized Editoria Italiana Online collection from the content available.

2010 Collections    

Access to EIO is available in a range of subscription options, enabling libraries to select or create the collection that meets their own digital content objectives. Libraries may choose from EIO multi-publisher or mono-publisher interdisciplinary collections and subject-based subsets.

2010 Collections and Subsets available on EIO platform:

Multi-publisher collections
  • EIO Complete
  • EIO Premier subset
  • EIO Core subset
  • EIO Basic subset
  • EIO Periodicals subset
  • EIO Monographs subset
  • EIO Italian Studies subset
  • EIO Language and Literature subset
  • EIO History subset
  • EIO Social Sciences subset

Mono-publisher collections
  • EIO - Fabrizio Serra, complete, 13 subject-based subsets, and personalized packages
  • FrancoAngeli Riviste Online, complete and 8 subject-based subsets
  • EIO - Ecole Française de Rome, complete

The mono-publisher collections all have the same access and subscription options of the EIO multi-publisher subject-based collections, with the exception that FrangoAngeli content is made available with a one-year embargo with respect to the print issues. The mono-publisher collection EIO - Fabrizio Serra Editore offers the added option of creating personalized packages that combine print plus online access.

Subscribers acquire permanent access to content. New subscribers purchase the complete back-file for the selected package as part of their 2010 subscription. Subsequent renewal prices are based only on the new content added. In case of non-renewal, access to content acquired will be guaranteed via a minimal access fee.

Platform Features

  • Interface available in English, Italian, German, French, or Spanish
  • Searches carried out via Casalini’s own Mercurio search engine
  • Searching available across the complete EIO collection, within the e-book or e-journal subsets, by publisher, or within a single text
  • Keyword searching (word or phrase) in the full-text, title or by author
  • Option to view search results with keyword in context
  • Advanced search parameters including Boolean operators, wildcard searching
  • Browse by publisher or by publication type (e-book or e-journal)
  • Keyword highlighting in full-text
  • Content viewable with Adobe Reader 7.0 or subsequent versions
  • DOI attributed progressively for all articles and chapters of EIO content

Subscription Features

  • Basic MARC21 records, complete with URLs, available free of charge for e-books included in EIO
  • Direct links to the e-journals included in EIO, available for downloading in the online EIO catalogue
  • Persistent links based on the OpenURL standard
  • Content now included in the SFX Knowledge Database, Serials Solutions, and other link resolvers upon request
  • Monthly access statistics compliant with COUNTER Code of Practice, downloadable from the EIO interface in CSV format
  • No limit to the number of simultaneous users
  • Access via IP address recognition for institution members, walk-ins and institutional users via proxy server   
  • Access through the library OPAC, the EIO homepage or Casalini libri’s bibliographical databases www.ilibri.it and www.leriviste.it

Access and Authorizations

Authorizations for e-book content included in EIO:
  • View
  • Print
  • Copy/Paste
Authorizations for e-journal content included in EIO:
  • View
  • Print
  • Copy/Paste
  • Download/Save


If you wish to request a free trial, price quote or further information on the EIO collections, please contact us at eio@casalini.it
or through your Casalini Libri customer representative.

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